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Meet Boiz House

A Lion, a Bear, and a Penguin unite, 

exploring the jungle with sound as their sight. 

A Giraffe and a Panda guide the front and the rear;

a Dragon above uses fire to steer.


These curious creatures, they love to make noise,

turning branches and boulders into musical toys.  

The Sun and the Moon didn’t care what they’d play,

just as long as they boogie'd - the Boiz House way. 

But, “what is a Boi?” asked the Moon to the Sun,

“well, a Boi is a person - who likes to have fun!” 

So the Boiz and the Girls got together at last,

leaving all that divides them lost in the past.


We’re stronger together than if all alone;

our stories in songs, turning houses to homes. 

We only ask that you love one another,

we’re here for the music;

we’re here for each other.

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